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इस साँचे का प्रयोग उन पृष्ठों (लेखों, श्रेणियों एवं साँचों) के वार्ता पृष्ठ पर किया जाना चाहिए जिनमें अन्य भाषा विकिपीडिया से अनुवाद डाला गया है। अधिक जानकारी एवं औचित्य के लिए सम्बंधित कार्यशैली पृष्ठ देखें।


पृष्ठ के वार्ता पृष्ठ पे यह लिखें:
{{अनूदित पृष्ठ|स्रोत भाषा का कोड|स्रोत पृष्ठ का नाम|version=123456789|insertversion=987654321|section=name|insertsection=name}}


In the preceding table, the first and second (unnamed) parameters are required in order to comply with Wikimedia projects' licencing terms (e.g. CC-BY-SA). The version and insertversion parameters are (strongly) recommended, because they allow readers to identify the exact source and target revisions, without searching through the revision histories.

This template can be used more than once, if several translations were inserted (from several revisions of one article, several articles and/or several Wikipedias). Group the साँचा:Tlf templates in chronological order, with the newest (i.e. largest insertversion, when used) on top. Arrange the साँचा:Tlf boxes with other low-priority items, just before the first topic on the talk page. Even if a section of the talk page talks about the translation, avoid placing साँचा:Tlf there, because the template should not be moved when the section is archived.

Note that this template is a self reference, and therefore should be placed on talk pages and not used directly in articles.

Wikipedia:Template namespace has a general introduction to the use of templates.

Unless nocat=true is set, pages will be automatically categorised into श्रेणी:अनूदित पृष्ठ, or the appropriate sub-category. Pages which use this template incorrectly are categorised into श्रेणी:पृष्ठ जिनमें अनूदित पृष्ठ साँचे का गलत उपयोग है.


साँचा:Translated page साँचा:Translated page The following code would produce the message boxes at right, from top to bottom:

  • {{translated page|fr|Dassault Super-Étendard|version=45069858|insertversion=319465919|section=Accidents and incidents}}
  • {{translated page|de|ICE 1|version=45565777|insertversion=210289191}}

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